What it Means to Be Polarizing — LR From Online Game

Attractive girls get messaged by literally hundreds of guys every day. So if you want success online, you must stand out. You need to trigger an emotional response—ideally a good one, but any response is a good one. This brings me to a key concept: polarization. Polarize [poh-luh-rahyz] to divide into sharply opposing factions, political groups, etc. Being polarizing means doing or saying […]

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The Art Of The Reframe – Your Shortcut To Persuasion And Sex

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How would you like to know how to get your way in every interaction? Today I’m going to share one of the most powerful tools in my pickup arsenal, then I’m going to show you a video of me using it to get a girl to leave the club with me in less than ten […]

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Up The Ante: What Poker Teaches Us About Good Game


In my life, I’ve learned a lot from games; specifically games that combine skill and chance. Three of my favorites are poker, Monopoly and, of course, pickup. Luck plays a big part in each of these endeavors, so at times your fate seems out of your hands. Drawing bad cards, landing on a hotel-covered Boardwalk, […]

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How To Use A Condom – The Lay Report That Nearly Wasn’t

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I’d like to share an interesting lay report with you, including an advanced—but super subtle—way to a pull a girl. (Oh, and I thought you’d want to know that even experienced guys can screw up royally, too. More on that in a second.) I actually find most of my lay reports boring. They have a […]

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Field Report: Pulling A Rich Man’s Girl


Here’s a quick field report that demonstrates two important pickup concepts. And who knows—it might even help you steal a cute girl from a millionaire one day. I was shooting pool at a bar in Thailand with my assistant, Kevin, when two cute girls walked in. “We got next,” one said as they sat down to […]

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Exploring Excellence: The Filipino Billiards Factory

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Last week I took a four-day vacation, which is something I really haven’t done in years, but my vacation wasn’t what you typically think of as a vacation. I’m a huge fan of excellence in all forms, and I’m also a huge lover of the game of pool. So I took four days out of […]

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The Wrong Kind Of Entitlement — Game Is A PERFORMING Art

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Let me share with you an advanced sticking point I have in game. I have entitlement issues. No, not the kind newbies have where they feel unworthy of the girls they desire. I have TOO MUCH entitlement at times. Let me explain: I’ve slept with tons of really hot girls in my life. I’ve had […]

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Step 1: Make a Plan


I received a puzzling message on Facebook the other day that started with “When you finish taking a break from game…” …and I thought it might be a good time for me to clarify exactly what I’m up to. I assume the reason he came to that conclusion was: 1.  I have turned over the […]

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How To “Stand Tall” In Game


The other day I found myself on a plane… as usual… but for once I wasn’t so sleep deprived as to make me fall immediately into a comatose sleep.  So my next thought was to be productive.  That thought quickly passed. Instead I turned my attention to the movie menu.  After briefly flirting with some […]

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*LRLRLR: XANEUS does 3 in a week*

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I’m going to start adding field reports to this blog, but I thought it might be amusing to go super old-school with this one.  It’s very funny how differently we thought about game and talked about game back then.  Also I was peacocking and all that… lol. This was from April 5, 2004… just before […]

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