Up The Ante: What Poker Teaches Us About Good Game


In my life, I’ve learned a lot from games; specifically games that combine skill and chance. Three of my favorites are poker, Monopoly and, of course, pickup. Luck plays a big part in each of these endeavors, so at times your fate seems out of your hands. Drawing bad cards, landing on a hotel-covered Boardwalk, […]

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How To Use A Condom – The Lay Report That Nearly Wasn’t

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I’d like to share an interesting lay report with you, including an advanced—but super subtle—way to a pull a girl. (Oh, and I thought you’d want to know that even experienced guys can screw up royally, too. More on that in a second.) I actually find most of my lay reports boring. They have a […]

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Field Report: Pulling A Rich Man’s Girl


Here’s a quick field report that demonstrates two important pickup concepts. And who knows—it might even help you steal a cute girl from a millionaire one day. I was shooting pool at a bar in Thailand with my assistant, Kevin, when two cute girls walked in. “We got next,” one said as they sat down to […]

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Exploring Excellence: The Filipino Billiards Factory

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Last week I took a four-day vacation, which is something I really haven’t done in years, but my vacation wasn’t what you typically think of as a vacation. I’m a huge fan of excellence in all forms, and I’m also a huge lover of the game of pool. So I took four days out of […]

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The Wrong Kind Of Entitlement — Game Is A PERFORMING Art

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Let me share with you an advanced sticking point I have in game. I have entitlement issues. No, not the kind newbies have where they feel unworthy of the girls they desire. I have TOO MUCH entitlement at times. Let me explain: I’ve slept with tons of really hot girls in my life. I’ve had […]

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Step 1: Make a Plan


I received a puzzling message on Facebook the other day that started with “When you finish taking a break from game…” …and I thought it might be a good time for me to clarify exactly what I’m up to. I assume the reason he came to that conclusion was: 1.  I have turned over the […]

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How To “Stand Tall” In Game


The other day I found myself on a plane… as usual… but for once I wasn’t so sleep deprived as to make me fall immediately into a comatose sleep.  So my next thought was to be productive.  That thought quickly passed. Instead I turned my attention to the movie menu.  After briefly flirting with some […]

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*LRLRLR: XANEUS does 3 in a week*

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I’m going to start adding field reports to this blog, but I thought it might be amusing to go super old-school with this one.  It’s very funny how differently we thought about game and talked about game back then.  Also I was peacocking and all that… lol. This was from April 5, 2004… just before […]

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One Of Those Life Moments

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If you’ve been following me closely, you’ll know that I’ve just completed the launch of my Daygame product.  If you didn’t know that, it’s a testament to the fact that I’ve really let my blogging slip.  It was the biggest launch of my career and it wasn’t even mentioned on my own blog until the […]

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