How to Get a Girl to Like You


This is a broad topic, but I’m going to try to make it very specific for you. In order for a girl to like you, there are two things that have to happen. Number one, she must know you exist. Sadly, for most guys, that’s harder to achieve than goal number two. Number two is […]

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Healthy Narcissism – The Masculine Journey


Narcissism is a word that commonly has negative connotations, and often, it’s for good reason. However, there is such a thing as “healthy narcissism”, and often in life, to get what you want – you need to cultivate it. When looking at the process of growing your dating life into something robust and long-lasting, narcissism […]

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Nice Guys Finish Last – A Treatise


Being classed as a “nice guy” has destroyed more men’s chances with women than almost anything else. We all know the phrase – “nice guys finish last”. Too many times to count, dating coaches must unwire some very toxic beliefs and behaviors with guys who suffer from “nice guy syndrome”, and it’s time to now […]

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How To Be A Good Wingman


Having tight and trusting relationships with your wingmen is almost as important as being able to attract women in the first place. The art of how to be a good wingman seems to have been underplayed a bit in the men’s dating world, and definitely shouldn’t be. It can increase your consistency to actually go out, […]

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How to Get Out of the Friend Zone


One of the most common questions in men’s dating is: How do I get out of the friend zone? While a simple enough concept to understand—no one likes to be involuntarily removed from consideration for intimacy—it presents a number of problems that need to be dealt with before I can present you with some avenues […]

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