100% Abundance 0% Stress—How to Solve Your Emotions and Feel Entitled

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Wherever you are is exactly where you are entitled to be, wherever your actions have gotten you rightly. That doesn’t mean, be satisfied where you are. That doesn’t mean, don’t strive for more or try to do more with your life. What it does mean, in this moment in reality, is that you are exactly […]

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What Girls Really Want: The Anthropology of Sex and How to Communicate with Girls

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What Girls Really Want: The Anthropology of Sex and How to Communicate with Girls

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How to Eliminate All Negative Thoughts


How to Eliminate All Negative Thoughts THIS is what absolutely stumps guys who are learning how to interpret the world from a solid inner game mindset, and it’s something I have direct experience in resolving because I’ve heard it SO many times over the years: How do I stay positive when I get a negative […]

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How to Improve Your Conversation Skills

Ever heard of the Kool-Aid Man? You know, that big pitcher of Kool-Aid from those eighties commercials? One of them went something like this: There’s a party in black-and-white. It’s lame as hell—the guys are on one side, the girls on the other.             Then the Kool-Aid Man busts through […]

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Tips to Attract Women—How NOT to Go for the Hug

Todd Valentine here, fresh off bootcamp to impart some SICK tips on how to attract women. Last night one of my students asked me a pretty interesting (and totally common) question. I get this ALL the time: Do you always go for the hug on the opener? Go for the hug? What does Go for […]

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How to Get a Girl to Like You


This is a broad topic, but I’m going to try to make it very specific for you. In order for a girl to like you, there are two things that have to happen. Number one, she must know you exist. Sadly, for most guys, that’s harder to achieve than goal number two. Number two is […]

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What To Do After You Get Her Number—How To Get More Dates


After my recent post on “How to Get a Girl’s Phone Number,” I’ve received a lot of correspondence from guys about what to do after you get the number. Today I’m going to take a moment to explain the most effective ways to follow up on a number, get more dates, and then we’ll discuss […]

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How To Find Your Passion – A Motivational Guide


The quickest way to find your passion is to first know what passion looks like. Without a clear view of exactly where you’re supposed to be heading, you could simply think a mild interest in a hobby, woman, or business venture will lead you to major success. Certainly consumerist culture seems to think so. But true, consistent, […]

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Healthy Narcissism – The Masculine Journey


Narcissism is a word that commonly has negative connotations, and often, it’s for good reason. However, there is such a thing as “healthy narcissism”, and often in life, to get what you want – you need to cultivate it. When looking at the process of growing your dating life into something robust and long-lasting, narcissism […]

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