About Todd

Like many of you out there, for most of my life I was absolutely terrible with girls. Even when a girl was be attracted to me, I would often find a way to sabotage it for myself, turn her off, or run away from the situation. I’d set up a scenario where I would not have a chance to succeed, because I would simply never try.

Early on, I believed that just “being a good person” and “doing the right thing” would lead girls to naturally be attracted to me. Picking up girls, going out to social events, meeting strangers—I didn’t think that these were something you were meant to practice at all. In fact, I thought proactively trying to get women into your life was the lamest thing you could do.

So, growing up, I actually tried to hide the fact I’d feel attraction for certain women. If someone found out I had chemistry with a particular girl, I’d get nervous or blush, try to play it chill, and maintain whatever weak self-perception of “coolness” I had in the social situation. As a result of this thinking, despite loving women, wanting a girlfriend so badly, and even having interest from girls I knew—I never did anything for the first eighteen years of my life. I never took any action. I never “made a move.”

Need examples? I remember once taking a low-stress “board game” elective class in school with a girl I had a huge crush on. I would go to any lengths to get this girl, so I thought. I took my leisure time outside of class to literally study up on the board game to beat her at it—so she would like me. Now, she did end up being attracted to me, but here’s the kicker: when she did eventually ask me out, I said no to her.

Now why would I do this? I was so scared of not knowing what to do after I said yes, I was so scared of not knowing the next step, I would rather say no to something I wanted than risk failure. Even more so, I would rather say no to something that I wanted than say yes to gain success with this woman. I was afraid that if I did become her boyfriend, I wouldn’t know what to do—I would be exposed as lame, confused, or “uncool.” Essentially, I just gave up, hoped that the world (both success and failure), would go away, and things would fall into place . . . without me having to take action.

Eventually, things would get better. But first, they had to get worse. In high school, I had a crush on the “it” girl—the hottest, most desired in the whole school. For two full years, from the minute we met, we had amazing chemistry, there were clear signs of interest, sparks were flying . . . the whole thing. The entire time, I never made a move, even as she dated other guys and pursued other dating options. Two years after we became friends, she had to move away. At her farewell party, I finally got the nerve to ask her if there was ever a time when, if I asked her out, she would have said yes. She got very silent, tears filled her eyes, and she simply said: “Yeah—why didn’t you?” before running out of the room. She has not spoken to me to this day. This was my best friend for two years.

That was the moment when I decided that if I was going to regret something in life, I was going to regret something I had done not something I hadn’t done. It was also the moment I decided to get really, really good with girls. And so I began practicing how to become attractive to women. Now, this isn’t some overnight success story where I was a Casanova from the moment I started. In the beginning, I was terrible at it. I guess, in some ways, my fears about being initially bad with girls weren’t unfounded because I was pretty unimpressive with game. I didn’t know what to do—I followed all the books, magazines, and movies. Bought flowers, tried to be subtle and romantic, perform impressive talents nearby them to get their attention . . . all of it.

It never worked. Fortunately, almost by accident, I stumbled upon the pickup artist community online while looking for “pickup lines” and funny jokes to tell girls. With the help of the forums and wingmen I met “in the field,” I started going out. Again, at first, I was terrible. It took me almost a year and a half of going out before I kissed and had sex with a girl because I was extremely nervous and shy even to kiss a girl. I was terrified and awkward for fear of making women upset or risking rejection specifically. In fact, the first time I went out to pick up girls, I walked around a mall for four straight hours and approached no one. I went out a few days later, and the exact same thing happened—four straight hours with nothing.

And so, through constant practice, remotivating myself, and experiencing the actual pain of not having had success in this area, I got enough leverage to keep doing it. I did this for about three years on my own before finally receiving some better instruction, becoming proficient, at best, and finding solid wings. Soon after, I began teaching, and I’ve been doing this ever sense. I’ve now been with several hundred women and have abundance (usually dating many girls at a time), and while I don’t have all the answers—I have some of the best answers. I don’t want you to have to go through such a long and painful process to get this success. I’m here to help and provide top-quality information to the best of my ability.

Best of luck. Let’s start this journey together.