The Point of No Return – Why She Flakes on You After a “Good” Date

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We’ve all had the experience. You take a girl home, everything is going well. It looks like sex is in the cards. You start to escalate. There’s a tiny bit of hesitation on her part, but she clearly likes you and is clearly horny. Clothes start coming off. Maybe you even start to finger her. Maybe she even grabs your …

What it Means to Be Polarizing — LR From Online Game

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Attractive girls get messaged by literally hundreds of guys every day. So if you want success online, you must stand out. You need to trigger an emotional response—ideally a good one, but any response is a good one. This brings me to a key concept: polarization. Polarize [poh-luh-rahyz] to divide into sharply opposing factions, political groups, etc. Being polarizing means doing or saying something people will either love …


How to Get a Girl to Like You

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This is a broad topic, but I’m going to try to make it very specific for you. In order for a girl to like you, there are two things that have to happen. Number one, she must know you exist. Sadly, for most guys, that’s harder to achieve than goal number two. Number two is that her knowledge of your …


What To Do After You Get Her Number—How To Get More Dates

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After my recent post on “How to Get a Girl’s Phone Number,” I’ve received a lot of correspondence from guys about what to do after you get the number. Today I’m going to take a moment to explain the most effective ways to follow up on a number, get more dates, and then we’ll discuss the most common mistakes guys …