DON’T BE EVIL! Instead of leeching off people, offer value—and have massive success in game, at work and in life

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I want to talk to you about one thing and one thing only. Not being an evil little shit. A lot of guys get into pickup because they don’t think they’re enough. They feel they lack value as people, so to get what they want—sex, validation, good emotions—they try to bring others down to their level. Many are angry with …

Of Course Looks Matter… Are You $#$!)@$??

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There is an idea repeated endlessly in the pickup community that “looks don’t matter.” What a load of horse shit! Of course looks matter. The real question is HOW MUCH do looks matter, and WHY do pickup coaches want you to believe that they don’t? You want evidence looks matter… okay, here you go: Obviously GETTING APPROACHED by girls makes …

Does It Feel Empty? How To Find Meaning In Pickup And Beyond

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Let’s talk about something deep. Like “meaning of life” deep… and I’m actually not kidding. But I’m not talking about some woo-woo-fairy-crystals-save-the-whales bullshit… I’m talking about something more like what you see mentioned in this clip from the movie “Without Limits”: “If you can find meaning in running chances are you’ll find meaning in life.” See I’ve always hated nebulous …

Up The Ante: What Poker Teaches Us About Good Game

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In my life, I’ve learned a lot from games; specifically games that combine skill and chance. Three of my favorites are poker, Monopoly and, of course, pickup. Luck plays a big part in each of these endeavors, so at times your fate seems out of your hands. Drawing bad cards, landing on a hotel-covered Boardwalk, opening four straight girls who …

Exploring Excellence: The Filipino Billiards Factory

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Last week I took a four-day vacation, which is something I really haven’t done in years, but my vacation wasn’t what you typically think of as a vacation. I’m a huge fan of excellence in all forms, and I’m also a huge lover of the game of pool. So I took four days out of my Asia tour to seek out …


How To “Stand Tall” In Game

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The other day I found myself on a plane… as usual… but for once I wasn’t so sleep deprived as to make me fall immediately into a comatose sleep.  So my next thought was to be productive.  That thought quickly passed. Instead I turned my attention to the movie menu.  After briefly flirting with some empty-mental-calorie action flicks, I settled …

One Of Those Life Moments

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If you’ve been following me closely, you’ll know that I’ve just completed the launch of my Daygame product.  If you didn’t know that, it’s a testament to the fact that I’ve really let my blogging slip.  It was the biggest launch of my career and it wasn’t even mentioned on my own blog until the day before the launch… OOPS! …


How To Find Your Passion – A Motivational Guide

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The quickest way to find your passion is to first know what passion looks like. Without a clear view of exactly where you’re supposed to be heading, you could simply think a mild interest in a hobby, woman, or business venture will lead you to major success. Certainly consumerist culture seems to think so. But true, consistent, and unyielding passion is something …


Cure Loneliness After A Breakup – A Rational Approach

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Over the course of a dating coach’s career, one of the most common tasks is to teach men how to cure loneliness after a breakup. Now, as men we like logical answers to even our emotional problems, and so perhaps the best way to attack the scourge of neediness after a bad breakup is with a rational breakdown… and that’s exactly what …