1-on-1 Coaching

Tired of slow, incremental progress?


In my life I’ve had coaches that got me to expert or near-expert level at poker, billiards, finance, chess…

…and of course coaches that taught me how to be pretty damn good with women.


I firmly believe that.

But you don’t want to spend good money on just any coach.

You want a coach that meets the following:

  1. He’s an EXPERT at his subject.
  2. He’s an EXPERT at COACHING it.

And those two things are not the same thing at all.

I know plenty of guys that are personally great at picking up women, but when it comes to teaching, they have the funny ability to make the student WORSE somehow.

But before we get further, I want you to ask yourself WHY…


  1. You’re tired of slow progress. While you’re committed to results, you don’t have 30 hours a week to commit to trial and error learning.
  2. You want MASSIVE growth fast. Incremental growth can been fun and all, but you know you’re nowhere near your potential and you want more.
  3. You need your ass kicked into high gear. Sometimes it’s hard to force yourself to take massive action and you want a coach to crack the whip and keep you accountable.
  4. You can’t seem to overcome your sticking points and maybe don’t even know what they are.
  5. You’re tired of being confused and overwhelmed. You recognize you need a proven practical course of action and the 1-on-1 guidance of an expert to get you the results you truly want.
  6. You’re a beginner/intermediate/advanced student and you realize you need a helping hand to get to the next level.

If you’ve gotten this far, I’m sure at least one of those points hits home.

Fact of the matter is, people hire coaches for many different reasons.

And when it comes to learning the skill-set of getting the girls you want, having a trusted mentor guide you on a path towards greatness is easily the most powerful choice you can make.


I’ve been teaching men to get results with beautiful women for about 15 years now. And in that time, I’ve experimented with countless different coaching strategies.

The thing you should know about me is that I take my responsibility as a coach very seriously…

…whether it’s a student who has never even kissed a girl, or someone who’s been with a hundred but can’t quite get the ones he truly wants.

And in all my decade and a half of coaching, I keep coming back to one major principle:


Different guys need different things.

Some guys need one quick infield lesson to overcome their approach anxiety and show them what’s possible. While others need steady mentorship, motivation and guidance.

At the end of the day, the best coaching program is the one specifically designed for that particular student.



The only thing I truly respect when it comes to coaching is results.


And so I created a coaching program that got guys exactly that.

But this isn’t just any coaching program. In fact, it’s not like any coaching program.

That’s because it’s designed specifically for you.

Your goals. Your time frame. Your budget. Your unique style of learning.

FIRST, we’ll get you on a FREE consultation call with a hand-picked coach personally trained by me.

These are guys who’ve been with me for a long time and who I personally know both talk the talk AND walk the walk. Ie. These are guys who get laid like rockstars and have massive experience in the game.

NEXT, we’ll get into the details of what YOU want. Whether it’s to get advanced-level game, get a girlfriend or a wife, or maybe lose your V-card, let us know exactly.

Want to get massively better at Daygame? Nightgame?

Need to work on your inner game and confidence? Missing some outer game nuances?

Don’t hold back. Tell us everything.

AFTER THAT, we’ll analyze your unique life situation, your sticking points, and how you prefer to learn. Followed by a custom-designed training plan made just for you.

Most programs are a combination of either online skype-calls with either Todd and/or his coaches, as well as personal 1-on-1 infield coaching and infield filming.


To schedule a FREE phone consultation with a Valentine-Life coach, just fill out the form below:


How would you rate your game skill set right now?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program right for me?

Valentine-life coaching does NOT apply to dabblers, quitters, or those who aren’t fully committed.

Frankly, you’d be wasting both our time. However if you’re ready to get serious about getting insane results with women, you’ve come to the right place.

No matter your skill level, even if you’re a total newbie, if you’re willing to put in the work, we’re here to show you the way.

What goes into a typical coaching program?

Every program is custom tailored to the student.

That said, training plans usually involve a combination of online calls and/or infield coaching and filming. It all depends on you, your budget and your specific goals.

On occasion, we even recommend a different solution like Immersion or one of Todd’s digital courses.

What kind of results can I expect to see from coaching?

Results vary and depend entirely on the student.

That said, for anyone that is truly committed to seeing massive results, a custom-tailored coaching program can cut your learning curve by an insane amount.

I have a limited budget, is this right for me?

Each program is tailored to the student’s budget and goals. For example, the lowest priced option for weekly skype coaching sessions with a Valentine-Life coach is $600/month.

However, live 1-on-1 in-person infield coaching is obviously more expensive and depends on the student’s location and requirements.

Can I Train With Todd Specifically?

Although Todd has a busy schedule and is highly in-demand, he is on occasion available for 1-on-1 training and online calls. To find out more, please fill out the form and talk to a Valentine-Life representative directly.