How To Get Sexual… The Right Way

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The number one thing that separates “game” from “conversation” is sex. Lots of guys are great storytellers, or outgoing, or can tell a joke. That doesn’t mean they’re gonna have lots of sex.

To kind of cement this idea in your mind, ask yourself about your preconceptions of the following words.

  1. Class clown
  2. Mysterious Stranger

#1 is far more social and positive, #2 is far more sexual and sexy. Sexual communication is a skill all its own, and it’s not necessarily related to general social ability. In fact, a lot of guys I know who get laid a lot, do it BECAUSE they’re bad at small talk. So rather than making small talk, they simply state their intentions.

Now, just showing sexual desire isn’t the whole answer, but it’s definitely better than HIDING your sexual desire or being ashamed of it.

The next step is expressing that desire in the right manner:

So, the main point there is, stop thinking in terms of sexual ESCALATION and start thinking in terms of SEXUAL communication. It’s all about what you’re conveying to the girl.

The basic idea is something I refer to as “two steps forward, one step back.” Basically this means that you should try something a tiny bit sexual, and if that works, maybe go a little bit further. However, once you meet with resistance or discomfort (or ideally BEFORE there is resistance or discomfort), you need to be willing to step back, be patient, and then consider taking another risk when the vibe is good and you’re getting the green light.

Again, communication. It’s not about what you’ve done or how far you’ve gotten; it’s about her perception of the situation and her feelings about it. So that’s the general strategy. If you’d like more specifics, check out the video below where I give exact strategies I personally use: