How To Pick Up Swedish Girls

Todd Escalation, Female Psychology, Flipping the Script, Outer Game, Seeding the Pull

It’s true what they say about Sweden.

You walk into a 7-11 and the girl behind the counter should be modeling for Maxim.

When me and my crew of 6 coaches arrived, we were pumped to hit it up with the Immersion students, and then we discovered one little problem:

What works for us like magic in LA and NYC…wasn’t working.

Correction: It was working so well that none of us were pulling.

Massive IOI’s, total anime eyes from girls left and right.

Girls getting visibly turned on right in front of us.

But NO-ONE was pulling.

So we had a little team pow-wow, and after hearing pretty much the same story over and over again, we had a light-bulb moment.


Swedish girls, for mostly cultural reasons, were just hugely uncomfortable with bold statements of intent, physicality, and leading.

Essentially the girl had to feel like she was in control at all times.

She had to pull YOU.

In a way, that’s true of most successful pulls, no matter the country.

But in Stockholm, it was magnified times 10.

So here’s the happy ending (pun intended) …

After getting closer and closer to understanding and calibrating to the Swedish blueprint, my crew of 6 coaches all went out on the final Saturday night of Immersion…

…and every single one pulled.

That’s pretty damn remarkable.

100% success ratio.

I couldn’t be more proud.

Big takeaway from this:


Understand female psychology and the game at the deepest levels.

Intermediate game is about self-amusement, persistence and the numbers game.

Advanced game is about intelligence and calibration.