How To Stop A Girl And Start A Conversation

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Let’s talk about the scariest part of an interaction… the opener. What do you do and what do you say. I could talk for hours on all the nuances of this subject, but for this article I’m going to keep it super simple and I’m going to focus on the DOING more than on the saying, because when you DO the right thing,

And let’s talk about girls in motion. The most common situation, but also one of the most difficult. Here’s the quick and dirty (one minute) answer to getting them to stop:

And here’s a bit of a longer answer for those who want more detail:

So to recap:

from the front… give yourself lots of distance

from behind, tap the shoulder but leave distance so it’s not creepy

when walking with, match the pace and walk a half step ahead.

In all cases, the ideal result is to stop the girl, but in practice, you may need to walk with her. Also, in all cases, your vibe, expression, and vocal volume DEFINITELY matter.

As far as what to actually SAY when you open. That’s a whole other subject, but here’s a primer:

Most importantly. Any open… even a terrible one… has infinitely more chance of working than NOT opening does. So don’t worry about being perfect; worry about doing SOMETHING. It’s the only way you’ll get a result, and it’s also the only way to learn.