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Remotivation To Game – How To Get Yourself Out of a Pit of Negativity

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As Memorial Day approaches, it makes me reflect on the oncoming lower-consciousness thoughts, doubt, and pit of negativity that might come with a weekend of excess. You know the ones – bachelor party, Mardi Gras, New Years’ – everything from strip clubs, bottle service, shooting guns, drunken golf, skydiving, whatever your pleasure. As an instructor is basically impossible to party that hard …

Change Your Mind, Change Your Romantic Life

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I wasn’t always the best with women. I overvalued them, put too much time in effort in dead relationships, and generally walked around without any clear sense of identity outside of what I thought women expected of me. To get out of this personal hell, I had to understand the inner game of personal change and utilize it to improve …

How To Get A Girl’s Phone Number

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The first and most important part of getting a girl’s phone number is having a good interaction. As basic as it sounds, the better the interaction – more likely you are to get her number. In fact, in an ideal world, the conversation should be so good that she’s asking you to get her number, or at least hinting at it.     Accept …

How to Attract Women by Supercharging Your Personality (Including Video Example)

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It’s always interesting for me to travel internationally and observe the variety of subtle difficulties I encounter for successful pickups in different cultures. Out here in Hong Kong, we’ve had to adopt a very particular style for street game, which got me thinking a lot about different personalities in game and how each one acts and reacts to new situations. …

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The Inner Game To Attract Women

Todd Inner Game

Time and time again, I see guys in the field putting unnecessary stress on themselves by giving too much attention to their insecurities with women. With the right inner game you can easily attract a wide array of women. The Importance of Inner Game In the pickup community, insecurities with women are related to “inner game”, i.e. emotional and psychological barriers …

How to Attract A Girl – Sexualizing Conversation

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The friend-zone is one of the most dreaded and painful experiences guys new to success with women go through. Usually it looks like this: You spend a lot of time and energy on her, think about her often, build a deep connection with her (in your mind), and in the end – you’re treated “just” as a friend. You’ve been …