How to Attract Women by Supercharging Your Personality (Including Video Example)

Todd Attraction, Outer Game

It’s always interesting for me to travel internationally and observe the variety of subtle difficulties I encounter for successful pickups in different cultures. Out here in Hong Kong, we’ve had to adopt a very particular style for street game, which got me thinking a lot about different personalities in game and how each one acts and reacts to new situations. We’ve all had wings who thought one club was easier or harder to game than another, or someone in the community say that a certain …

how to keep a conversation going with a girl

How To Keep A Conversation Going With A Girl – Conversational Skills

Todd Inner Game

I’m frequently asked about the best topics to discuss with beautiful women, how to not run out of things to say to a girl, or what the most successful pickup line might be. All of these relate to conversational skills with women. Now, while there are indeed misconceptions around the best way to talk to a woman, I’m going to reveal a shocking but true reality about the game and social convention in general: It doesn’t really matter what you say. Once you learn how …

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The Inner Game To Attract Women

Todd Inner Game

Time and time again, I see guys in the field putting unnecessary stress on themselves by giving too much attention to their insecurities with women. With the right inner game you can easily attract a wide array of women. The Importance of Inner Game In the pickup community, insecurities with women are related to “inner game”, i.e. emotional and psychological barriers from approaching beautiful women and maintaining a healthy dating life. “Outer game”, on the other hand, is the actual physical behaviors and actions taken to …

How to Attract A Girl – Sexualizing Conversation

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The friend-zone is one of the most dreaded and painful experiences guys new to success with women go through. Usually it looks like this: You spend a lot of time and energy on her, think about her often, build a deep connection with her (in your mind), and in the end – you’re treated “just” as a friend. You’ve been chasing a completely different category of connection than she ever had on her mind. By sexual the conversation you can learn how to attract a …