Valentine Life Programs

#1 Best-Selling Daygame Training Program

  • The complete outer and inner game of gaming beautiful women in broad daylight.
  • My time-tested opening formula that I use to walk up to any girl, anywhere, anytime
  • How I make coming up with “what to say” a complete no-brainer
  • How to build attraction and intrigue in any situation, including highly awkward ones
  • How to sexualize any conversation and pull her home before the sun goes down

Featuring 20 Infield Videos with full breakdowns by Todd

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The definitive guide to texting, phone calls and dates that end in your bed

  • How to text the right thing. Every. Single. Time.
  • The four types of texts and exactly how I respond
  • How to read her mind over the phone, even when she goes silent
  • The lost art of resurrecting dead numbers from the grave
  • The right and wrong way to ask for the date
  • PLUS My time-tested strategy for pulling home from dates 9 out of 10 times

Featuring 81 Total Videos including real-life text and infield date footage

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Not your daddy’s online pickup academy

  • The one-stop-shop for ALL your sticking points and inner/outer game questions
  • 100’s of video modules on almost every pickup theory, tactic, common mistake, and more.
  • 6 new monthly modules on the latest theory, tactics and game strategy
  • New monthly infield footage of Todd in action. Plus hours and hours of previously released infield.
  • INCLUDES Two monthly member’s only live seminars with Todd. Ask Me Anything!
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My secret formula for hacking the online dating system to my dick’s delight

  • How I hack Tinder, OkCupid, and more to get massive amounts of girls actively hitting ME up for dates and sex
  • The highly offensive profile I use to get girls massively intrigued before they’ve even met me
  • Successful online text conversations that get her to meet me in record time (including straight to my doorstep)
  • Dates that almost always end in my bedroom and how I make that happen on-command
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Advanced Game in a Box

  • Secrets of female psychology and deep-calibration. The two elements of advanced level game
  • The subtle sub-conscious cues all women send men and how to read them
  • What women really want in a man and how to become exactly that
  • How to find her unique mental and emotional blueprint in seconds
  • How to blast past beginner and intermediate purgatory
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