Steal My Lines… At Your Own Risk

Todd Conversation Skills, Female Psychology, Outer Game, Psychology/Philosophy

“Hi, I saw you, and I couldn’t help but come over and say hi”

“Hey… who the F**k are you?”

“You. You’re a troublemaker.”

The vast majority of students that come onto my Immersion programs usually come equipped with an arsenal of phrases that I’ve heard a thousand times before.

Some that I word for word invented over a decade ago.

Which is really quite, flattering and kind of a trip sometimes.

And honestly, if you’re just starting out, that’s ok.

Go ahead and steal some lines.

Anything that gets you to take action is alright in my book.


Eventually you’re gonna have to learn some real game.

And real game isn’t just repeating lines.

Real game, more than anything else, is one thing and one thing only:

Understanding women.

I want you to really ask yourself if you truly get women.

And not on some simplistic 4-chan forum level.

I mean do you ACTUALLY get women.

Especially when they’re standing right in front of you.

When you approach a girl, how well do you really know what she’s thinking and feeling?

Is she initially brushing you off because she’s nervous or because she subtly likes you?

After spending an hour with her in the club, what EXACTLY is preventing her from coming home with you?

Fact is that every guy in the game that ever got insanely good had to start somewhere.

I definitely spent a lot of my early pickup days reciting canned routines from online forums.

But it wasn’t until I started focusing on truly understanding female psychology that I began to see insane results.

Her emotions. Your actions.

Todd game in a nutshell.

Todd game in a nutshell… for a reason.

Next time you’re in set with a girl and stumped about what to do next…instead of just throwing out some line you’ve used a million times before, ask yourself the following question:

“What is she feeling?”

And that right there is where real game begins.

-Todd Valentine