How To Get Sexual… The Right Way

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The number one thing that separates “game” from “conversation” is sex. Lots of guys are great storytellers, or outgoing, or can tell a joke. That doesn’t mean they’re gonna have lots of sex. To kind of cement this idea in your mind, ask yourself about your preconceptions of the following words. Class clown Mysterious Stranger #1 is far more social …

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100% Abundance 0% Stress—How to Solve Your Emotions and Feel Entitled

Todd Entitlement

Wherever you are is exactly where you are entitled to be, wherever your actions have gotten you rightly. That doesn’t mean, be satisfied where you are. That doesn’t mean, don’t strive for more or try to do more with your life. What it does mean, in this moment in reality, is that you are exactly where you deserve to be …